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What's the Story Morning Glory?

Nikki HueblerComment

As Labor Day fast approaches we're gearing up for fall fashion.  Many new items have arrived and if you've peeked in the windows of the store lately, you'll see that it looks quite chaotic.  Don't worry, we'll have that all cleaned up come the weekend.  

So what else is new?  We're currently in the process of setting up an email club which will provide you information about our future schedule, a loyalty club, and birthday perks!  

Speaking about the future...what's in store for The Vault?  So glad you asked!  We are currently working on finding a permeant location in New Glarus!  The support has been overwhelming and we're trying our best to make this process as seamless as possible.  Stay tuned for more on that, we're hoping to make an announcement in the next few weeks.    

But for now, come shop cozy sweaters, new booties, and of course handmade jewelry from Haiti.  

You guys have been great,