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The Year of Giving 2019

“And so, the adventure continues.”

2018 has been such a blessing for us at The Vault. I never saw this small local business growing into its permanent space and touching so many people in such a short amount of time. Things don’t usually work this quickly and because of that I have decided to give big and give back for the year of 2019.

What is The Year of Giving?

The Year of Giving is twelve months of giving to charities, organizations, and those in need. These groups are handpicked by myself, The Vault employees, and family members and each play an important role to us personally.

How does this work?

Each month The Vault will donate a portion of its sales to the organization that is featured that month. We hope to raise awareness, we hope to spread positivity and love throughout our little community and most importantly we want to do our part by providing a service to others.

xoxo, Nikki