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"And so the adventure begins."


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I sat and watched the world go by yesterday morning and reflected on what a year it’s been. When you have your mind set on what’s ‘supposed’ to be you tend to get in your own way. The plan for The Vault was to be a popup shop for seven weekends. We didn’t expect such growth so quickly and we really weren’t intending to anchor down and have a permanent home so soon, if at all. That was all up in the air from conception and we were fine with that. Yet here we are, part of a stellar community that welcomed us with open arms.

If opening a business has taught me anything it’s to take the leap, get out of your own way and let things unfold. Being vulnerable and opening up has been my biggest challenge personally and professionally. It becomes hard to describe in words the feeling you get when you watch something you’ve created exceed the expectations you’ve set on yourself. There are still times that I walk into the store and shake my head and think how did all of this happen?!

Such is business, such is life.

So as you sit and read this today, wherever you may be I raise my glass to you and say, cheers + thank you. Thank you for being a follower, thank you for spending your hard earned money in my store, thank you for seeing my vision and supporting it. And if you’ve got an itch to be bold, to be brave, or a yearning to take a leap into the unknown regardless of how big or small your dream, come on in, the waters just fine.

One year folks 🙏🏻


About The Vault

The dream of a women's clothing store was there, buried in the dark, shoved in the back of my mind.  The timing was never right. Raising a family, juggling schedules, life.  It wasn't time yet.  

Driving by the old bank building on a November day is how this dream got some sunlight.  The building was getting a much needed exterior facelift as the brickwork was being completed, which then led to some very curious people in the community, myself included.  After a little poking around one thing led to another and as 2017 came to a close, 2018 birthed The Vault.  It was finally time.  

About Nikki - The Owner

A married mother of two living in a small town in Wisconsin.  With an eye for fashion and a love for birds (I am a self proclaimed 'bird nerd'), I put the dream of opening a women's clothing store into motion after just six short months.  

 I say that I'm, "no hype, no fuss, just a woman with a dream that's crazy enough to follow through with it."  


About Pop-Up Boutiques

The old bank building will be under construction during 2018 and much of 2019.  A unique way to offer affordable women's clothing, stellar customer service, and a fun shopping experience to the New Glarus community is to 'pop-up' throughout the year.  
Come visit us on select weekends throughout the year and expect something new and exciting each weekend.  See something you love? Grab it before it's gone, as our inventory will change rapidly to ensure the most current fashion trends.

UPDATE 5/26/2019

We celebrate one year of business !

UPDATE 12/4/2018

We’re open at 101 6th avenue and are so excited about it! Come say hi and shop the new Vault!

UPDATE 9/23/18

We’re no longer just a pop-up! We’ll be moving to our permanent home at 101 6th Street in November 2018. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for our opening date.

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